Flesh is brief

Sadness is a meal I can eat. Like pork bones, I wrap my lips around it and suck. Salty, sweet, but ultimately unsatisfying. I’m left wanting more. Drop the bone onto the plate with a clatter. Flesh is brief. I’ll not go back. I’m done. I’m done. Ahh, but those sorts of promises are a […]


Love at First Sight?

I was 24 when I had my first baby. I’d just started Uni and it seemed like a good use of time. I wrote assignments while he slept, substituted text books for picture books. I used to tuck him into his push chair with a hottie and a blanket, a cocoon against the bitter Wellington chill, […]


Drowned Rat

I’m sitting in the sick bay at the surf life saving club. My nephew, Isaac, has a headache and a sore tummy, so I brought him here to rest in the cool and the shade. He has fallen asleep on a thin mattress in the corner and I’m sitting beside him in one of those […]