Te Papa Tupu

In 2018 I was awarded a Te Papa Tupu mentorship through the Māori Literature Trust and Huia Publishers. This 6-month programme is designed to support writers to complete a manuscript for potential publication. As part of the programme, we are required to publish a monthly journal so people can follow our journey. This is mine. All posts originally appeared on the Māori Literature Trust.

A Story to Tell (Journal Post #1)

All my life I’ve wanted to write fiction. Not sci-fi or fantasy, but the kind of fiction that’s believable. Characters so real that when you’re finished with them the reader’s convinced they exist. A few years ago, living in Abu Dhabi as an expat and stay at home Mum, I had the opportunity to give […]


No Written Language #2

‘Because the early Māori had no written language all we have to go on is oral tradition.’ This is a quote from a book – it doesn’t really matter which one because we’ve all heard it a million times. The idea that Māori aren’t literary because our language was never written down is something that’s […]